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“Human Islands” was born!

Yes, it’s finally out! 7 Years in 52 minutes. That was a challenge! … and we want to share it with you, guys! We‘re sure, everyone can find something in the music.

All the songs are quite different in style and sometimes in sound, so I don’t think you’ll get bored. That’s what I like about progressive metal, there are no boundaries and no standard clichés. We just recorded things that were either on our minds for a long time or came up as an insight (so we often had to re-record many of the songs over and over again). I ended up changing one song so much that I had to leave it for another album, because it became too different.

I don’t want to write and tell you at length. It’s better just to turn on the album and take a journey with us.

A little immersion in the atmosphere is given by the video for the song “Pain and Passion”. The song is done in a more metal style, but there are some bonuses as well.

How to order?

Contact us via the website or social media if you’d like a copy. The price is very fair at €6.66. Worldwide delivery is free. We have only made 300 copies. There are already about 200 left.

We look forward to your support and feedback!

All the best,

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