eugene rodin, album human islands, speeding up

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Song by song. Part 2

Let’s continue the journey!

Track 06: Through the Flowers

eugene rodin, album human islands, through the flowers

This song is about the connection between us humans and Mother Nature. Treat her gently and respectfully and you will get the same back.
The idea for this song came after my late shift as a bartender in 2015. „Empty and destroyed you falling down“ – that’s exactly how I felt when I fell into my bed.
On a summer night, when you open the windows, you can smell all the trees and flowers and fresh air – that was the best way to calm down and relax – just breathe in the palette of all the aromas.

Have you had the same experience? Share your story!


Track 07: Guiding Me

eugene rodin, album human islands, guiding me

I dedicated this song to a person who has guided me in everything over the years and continues to support me until now.

We overcame difficulties together and laughed a lot. Even though we live far away from each other, that I have changed a lot over the years, our bond still remains. To my Mum.

📸 by Eugene Rodin. ©️ 2019.


Track 08: Pain & Passion

eugene rodin, album human islands, pain and passion

When you follow your dream or set a goal, you are sure to encounter obstacles, closed doors, high walls, despair and fears. I think all these things are a good sign that you are on the right path. All challenges prove you, prove your strength and your will. Never give up, keep knocking on doors, break through walls and brake all frames, enjoy the journey to your dream – not the dream as an end point in the future, enjoy your obsession and gain, be prepared to suffer at some point in your life – it’s just part of it. Accept it, enjoy it, go through it and believe in yourself! – that’s what this song is about. 🥊

Track 09: Avant-Garde

eugene rodin, album human islands, avantgarde

It is said that everyone creates their own reality.
The world offers an infinite number of possibilities, plots and options. It’s up to you to use all your brushes to paint life the way you want it to be.
What is the picture of your life?

📸 Photo by Eugene Rodin ©️ 19.04.2010

Track 10: Finding the Artefact

eugene rodin, album human islands, finding the artefact

We are all on a journey. But what are we looking for and what do we want to find? What are we striving for? Where do we want to arrive and what do we want to achieve? Success, peace, fulfilment, balance, justice, inner peace, unfolding, enlightenment?

Look at your face. What does it say? Do you see the reflection of your life on it? Does it smile at you or look sceptical? Does it frighten you or give you joy? Is it radiant or tired? Does it reflect the suffering of the world or its love and perfection?

What a journey! – every impulse and every event makes sure to influence you, to bring you out of balance or into a certain structure / flow, to confuse, to seduce or even to wake you up.

Do you have a compass and travel companion with you? The treasure is much closer than you think!

📸 by Eugene Rodin ©️ 2021. Zugspitze. Bayern.


Track 11: Speeding Up

eugene rodin, album human islands, speeding up

The world is changing very quickly. Our ego often prevents us from changing ourselves, evolving and keeping our finger on the pulse. So often we get stuck in the past or in stupid events and live in old patterns that we take over from parents or society. But flexibility and ease are important and you have to be able to adapt – not for someone else, not for society, but only for yourself! Find the best ways for yourself, discover the new ways and create new ones.

This is the last track on the album, so keep moving, assimilate!

📸 original photo by Eugen Gross ©️ 2016.


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