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Lyric video “Through the Flowers”

6th track from the album “Human Islands” (2023).

I wrote this song about 10 years ago when I was working in gastronomy. One day when I came home after an evening shift, I was so tired that after a shower I literally fell on the bed and closed my eyes. The window in the room was open and suddenly the pleasant aroma of flowers and trees blooming at that moment wafted in. I wanted to inhale deeper and deeper. The whole body system relaxed, the mind calmed down. At that moment the idea for a song was born and I fell asleep.

Lyric video by Jim Evgenidis & iconfilmworks.


Emptied and destroyed you’re fallin’ down, Trying to obliterate the pain and noise,
And to dissolve in a balanced and calm space.
Unmasked and flayed the beasty skin –
The moment you can free yourself and feel, The universe goes at the different pace.
Just close the eyes and…

Go through the flowers and breath, Let their pollen sink into your broken soul.
Go through the flowers and breath.

Inhale the nature’s gift, the purity of scheme, Forget the daily rush, just drift.
The time – your steady rival was completely disappeared.
Unleashed, the inner voice Is whispering in its full range: „I know the way to heal your pain and noise.“

Go through the flowers and breath, Let their pollen sink gently into your frenzied eyes.
Go through the flowers and trees And discover the grain of your own landing in Paradise.

One step – with respect, One act – sober and decent,
It will turn your fist into an open hand, but expect another sequence, if you make
One step – careless, and one act – reckless, and one thought – ashamed to the bones,
The blind and dirty spirit will not be reborn.

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