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Lyric video “Pain & Passion”

Our passion for music has always helped us to get through turbulent times well and not to give up. A little suffering is also a part of it. Without this impulses there is no progress, no changes.

The video will show another part of my life that is getting bigger and bigger, namely Martial Arts and Wing Chin Kung Fu. The same principle applies here: when the head says „I can’t any more“ and when everything hurts, only then does the training starts. If you really want to get to know yourself, bring yourself to a new level and wish to change with all your heart, you have to go through! Pain & Passion!

At this point I’d like to thank Sifu George from George Ford Akademie in Mainz! You are great! And thank you for your will to support your student! Visit his academy:

Of course, big thanks to JIM EVGENIDIS & ICON FILMWORX for making this awesome video! Visit his page for more:


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