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Update from Eugene / 2021

Hey guys! Eugene here.

I’d like to share with you some thought and want to keep you up to date regarding my band. I don’t like to post some “empty” content or hunderets of photos everyday, so maybe that’s why the feeling arises that we’re not doing anything.

First of all – we’re still active and we’re still making music!
I know, you don’t really hear anything from us and we don’t play any (online-)gigs at the moment. This time gave us possibilities to slow down a bit, to look around and to look at some things from a different angle.

Chasing concerts, writing hundreds of mails, constantly doing some kind of organization, I began to forget the real reason why I do music at all, why I’ve got this gift, and that drive and joy began to sink into nowhere. The last year triggered me more, so I began to realise where I am, what I am and why I am. This time gave me some kind of enlightenment what I actually want to reach with my music. I’ve “remembered” how great it is, just to play and write music without any plans, production agenda or expectations. This feeling gives me freedom and relaxation, I missed so long.

New music:
I’m very glad not to release the new album earlier. The songs become more rich, harmonic, ripe and even simple yet. The album grows natural, without any pressure. In that period of time Mario has learned a lot about music recording, so the sound is getting better and better. I also feel some relaxation while singing – no more torturing on the mic, just joy and happiness. I don’t want to give a forecast when we will release the album. Let yourself be surprised. We’re working on it and the result is just great!, update 2021, eugenerodin2021

We play unplugged in October, 16 in Darmstadt / Goldene Krone. This is a “less-serious-gig” and we want to play the songs that unfluenced us much. Just come over and have fun!

I thought for a long time whether we could play an online-gig or make a guitar-shredding-livestream one day. I was watching some livestreames from the other bands – man, it was so boring, so I just couldn’t do it to you too. Even “Wacken” couldn’t orginise an exiting livestream… and to watch one guy playing guitar with backing tracks at home is really boring.

I’ve enjoyed only Steve Vai’s live-broadcast – that was a really great mix of guitar talks and spiritual reflections. He gave me a lot of ideas and inspirations – like always. I highly recommend – Steve Vai: Under it all – live stream.

Band members:
We’re also looking for a new drummer and a second guitarist just to make our live-sound richer. It’s not always easy to find the right people, but we are very exited about our “extension”. That will be very cool!

That’s it for now. I wish you all the best and see you then!

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