Right recording studio? – Part 2

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In the previous post I talked about the reason, why I made my first album in the big studio, about some thoughts behind and what was in the reality.

Here were my next steps:

After playing some gigs and collecting the good and bad experiences, I start to thinking about the new songs and recording studios. This time I wanted to make the record bigger and was looking for the biggest studios in Europe.

Recording Studios

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I prepared two production agendas – for the album and EP. After sending hunderets of E-Mails to the studios and labels I’ve got either no response at all or the kind answers with „yes, sure. The whole album will cost about 60.000 £“. At the moment I started to think about the alternatives.

I grabed the lists of contacts I collect by watching some making ofs or documentaries about rock music and went it through. On the small piece of paper was the name David Bottill (Producer, Tool)



I said to myself: „Ok, he will never answer me, but I’ll write him just for fun.“


Mainstation Music Inc., Canada

Can you imagine my face, as I checked the E-Mails and saw an answer from Mainstation Music Inc.? haha …man, I started to tremble… I opened it and read: „Hey, we listened to your music and think, we could talk about our collaboration“. I just freaked out… FUUUCK! THAT’S NOT REAL… I’ve read this E-Mail again and again and thought, maybe I didn’t really understand, what he wrote…

We discussed the options and details about the record with his studio engineer Ryan Mc.Cambridge. I was trying not to deter him and David with my questions about production and show biz.

The price for the whole album was too high for me and we decided to make an EP. One of the options was to fly to Canada, but in this case it would be still too expensive. So we choose an other one – to record the EP here in Germany and to send the stuff to David and Ryan for mixing and mastering. We had no time for searching the other studios and we went to Performance Studios in Frankfurt again.

Both studios made a very good deal for me and made the production affordable – that was really cool! The collaboration was awesome! (Would discuss the production itself in the other posts)


Thoughts behind:

  • When we made a record with David Bottrill, who was working with Tool, Stone Sour, Dream Theater, Muse ect., we’ll go to the top very fast. It doesn’t matter how much the production will cost, I’ll do this. (naiv again haha);
  • To get the important connections in this biz again;
  • To know how the top-producers and profis are working. Can we handle with this level?;
  • Self-praise! I guess, when the 3 time Grammy Award winning producer says „Let’s do this!“, it means, that we make pretty good music, the concept and my vision of music is interesting and we have some development potential;
  • It’s a very good promotion for the band.


Reality & drop of bitterness:

I’m very happy and greatful for this experience. It was the big step in the band history. I know, how awesome it is to work with professionals and the big names in this business; I know, we’re good enough for working with these people and what we need to improve and to work harder on.

There were also some drops of bitterness. My bank account was empty again (the costs for EP and debut album were almost the same). I still booked the shows, interviews, reviews by myself and promoted music and band by myself. Still no labels or booking agencies were interested in. Only some friends of mine bought the EP…

And again – don’t expect a lot of help from the studios. The good thing was, that David and Ryan said already at the beginning of our conversation, that I can’t expect some label submissions or any long-term deals, because they are working directly with the artists and have nothing to do with the show business itself.

Btw, here is a short article I’m about:

Why Writing Record Labels Won’t Help Your Band Get Signed

BUT! The guys gave me a couple of good hints of what I should pay more attention on, and I guess, if my EP impressed them very much, they submitted it with the other producers or labels. But it was not the case. hahah So I should plan my next steps…

After couple of gigs and other appearances I decided not to playing live in 2017 and to focus more on my vocal and the new music…

In Part 3 you will know, what was the trigger for producing the next album at home.  

Share your opinion and experiences! I’m very excited to read your stories!