New Symbol

By: Eugene

August 14, 2018


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Hey guys!

I’d like to present you the new symbol of the band, which was made by a very creative and talented painter and artist from Frankfurt Shagané Nersesyan. If you remember, she also made the awesome artworks for my first album.

This symbol is completely fit in the concept of the band with its love to under-water-world, which is calm and dangerous at the same time. The choice of water colour is exactly right and it was exactly what we’re looking for.

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I’d like to thank Shagane for her amazing job! It took some time for her to find the inspiration, but the wait is completely paid off.

Checkt out her instagram for more art:

The final touch made Sonja Maksić, our all-time graphic designer, so we can print the symbol everywhere now! Thank a lot!