What are we playing?

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Hey guys!

Today I’d like to discuss the music genre we’re playing and how define some unsigned bands their music.

A lot of bands are putting so many music genres into the band description or their press info.

Hardcore-Sludge-Crust-Punk band
Prog-Death-Core-Math-Metal band
Blues-Soul-Country-Jazz band
or my favourite – Instrumental-Space-Elektro-Rock-Beat-Opera (WTF is that?)

what are we playing, band genre, blog

How does this happen?

You can’t really control yourself while writing the songs (at least me) and to say: „Now I’ll write 10 similar metal songs“ – It works with one or two songs, when you want / need to season your album with the hard or other stuff. But generally you just play what you want and what you feel in this very moment. On one day you write a nice metal riff, on the other day you have the bad mood and play a melancholic melody… or maybe you just want to write a ballad for your album.

During or mostly after this creating process you start thinking about the music genre you’re moving in. And here comes the dilemma. One song sounds heavy, the other one is calm. In this situation you don’t want to lose any detail about your music or band, because it’s important for you. So you start mixing: Heavy-Calm-. Okay, the third song sounds more psychodelic – Heavy-Calm-Psychodelic-… On the next song the drummer wrote a great beat and added some electronic – Heavy-Calm-Psychodelic-Beat-Electro-Rock.

And voilá! You’ve got this shit!

The thoughts behind are also simple:

  1. to reach more fans as possible, because someone are listening to punk, someone likes metal ect.;
  2. to have the better chances to get a slot on some festival;
  3. to be funny and cool.

About 4-5 years ago I also „changed“ the music genre for the specific events and hoped to be accepted – with time I see it absurd and really hate this! When you ask some guys, what are they playing, they can’t really tell you… or some bands tell you very proudly „Melodic-Death-Post-Alternative-Doom“.

If you add a new genre after every new song, after couple of years you can’t really notice what exacty you play… In my case it would be:

– Song „Dive“: Instrumental;
– „Epidemic“: Electronic elements / Metal;
– „Volume For…“: HardRock;
– „Creator“: Prog;
– One of my new songs: Orient elements.

…And again this shit: Instrumental-Electro-Hardrock-Orient-Prog-Metal.


what are we playing, blog, music genre


Just think about your sound and songs generally:

  1. how it sounds like:
    more metal or hardrock, rockabily or rock’n’roll ect.;
  2. what are the specifics and your skills:
    technique, melody, „in-your-face“-riffs ect. – there are a lot of sub-genres in metal, so figure out where you’re staying with the band;
  3. who is your audience:
    the most important thing! It really helps you to keep working in the right direction;
  4. what are your influences:
    the audience is listening to the same music you like and play. A lot of bands and musicians write in the colums „The bands sound like … “ their own band down. Come on, guys. We all get the inspiration from some famous bands, so if you’re a fan of Bob Dylan, so you will make similar music, if you want it or not. Just accept it;
  5. Keep it simple!
    The people and specially the bookers can better and faster classify your band. They know exactly, what they’re looking for!

Anyway, for me was it kind of relief to omit all that crap and to say:

I always liked the nuances in the music, broken structure or no structure, compound and asymmetrical meters. Earlier I played solos a lot, but in my E.R.P. I decided to pay more attention to riffs and rhythm. Love drop tuning, concepts and story-telling in the music. My fav bands are Tool, Devin Townsend Project… ect.

All this „parameters“ made a mix called „prog metal“, at least how I see it.

I recommend a cool documentary about Progressive Metal:


Feel free to share your opinion and experience!

How define you your band, what is important for you in the choice of genre?

Any absurdest genre-combinations you’ve ever seen / read?