Hello everyone!

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Dear friends,

Please welcome to my official blog!

The reason why I started it, is pretty simple – to build more strong and familiar connection with my audience! Besides, there are a lot of  things and stories going through my head, I’d like to share and to discuss with you.

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Main focus of the blog:

As you already guessed, the main focus is my band „Eugene Rodin“. For the last 5 years of being active, we collect a good portion of stories and exeriences. My bass-player Mario Ullrich and I had already an idea, to write a book about the craziest and weirdest proceedings we went through – believe me, an unsigned band has enough of them. And maybe you will find some tipps to avoid stepping on the same rake.


2nd focus of the blog:

is the heavy music generally: genres, influences, making music, experiences in / with the band, showbiz, music production, live & studio gear, touring, favourite bands, less famous and unsign bands ect.

I’m open for your ideas for discussion (experience, best or worst live clubs & gigs, tipps ect.) or just give a truly feedback about my band. I would very appreciate that!


The RULES are simple: 

  • be cool and friendly;
  • show respect;
  • no racism, sexism, homophobia, offensives;
  • no spam.

I’m very exciting about the new contacts, friends and nice conversation!